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My name is Danny Joe. Fitness and helping others are my passion.

  • 2010 Mr. Calfornia overall bodybuilding champion
  • 10 years experience training celebrities
  • 20 years bodybuilding
  • Certified nutritionist
  • 5,000+ clients coached

When I first started lifting weights, I would hit the gym for hours.

I felt that through sheer time and effort, I would work my way to the physique I wanted.

One day, after going to the pool with some friends, they pointed out that my body hadn’t changed all that much.

I was devastated.

I realized there had to be a more efficient way to get shredded.

Over time, I learned that exercising correctly and eating properly (not dieting!) were what I needed to transform my body.

The principles are simple, but I want to share a clear path with those looking to develop abs of their own.

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